The Rise of Xerox CEO Ursula Burns

Here’s a truly transformational story of one woman’s quest to beat the odds and rise to the top.

Ursula Burns was the CEO of Xerox.

She stepped down at the end of 2016 after leading a resurgence at the once-great company. She faced down impossible odds as a black woman in her field. In spite of the barriers she ran into, Burns got to the top.

Here’s how she did it.

Burns was born in 1958 to immigrants from Panama. She grew up in a poor neighbourhood in New York City.

Although her family was supportive and loving, their resources were limited. From a young age, Burns knew she wanted a well-paying career, but she didn’t have a specific future in mind beyond that.

As her math skills stood out, Burns took her counselor's advice and opted for an engineering degree. At the time, there were very few black women in engineering.

That’s one of the best advice she’s ever received. Don’t be afraid to become a pioneer.

Burns tried chemical engineering first, which made her unhappy. So she switched to mechanical engineering and discovered that she loved it.

That’s the other secret to her success. She says you should always aim for what you love.

After she got her degree, Burns interned at Xerox and got a job there. Although she expected to stay an engineer, Burns loved connecting with customers. Gradually, she started taking over the business side of things.

Adaptability is another important factor. Ursula Burns never stopped learning new skills and seeing new possibilities.

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