The Remarkable Rags to Riches Story of Guy Laliberté

We all love a good show. And I’m betting that more than a few of us have been able to see a Cirque du Solei performance.

You have Guy Laliberté to thank for the amazing experience.

He’s the man behind the circus juggernaut.

But once upon a time, he was just a regular person.

Guy grew up in Canada with a love for the performance arts. He started putting on shows in high school and he carried his passion into college. In fact, his passion for performance was so intense that he ended up dropping out of college in his first year.

Guy took to the streets as a performer. He busked constantly and worked with a performing troupe.

And he barely earned a penny.

That’s when Guy made a decision that so many of us have made.

He stopped chasing his passion and got a “real” job.

Guy started working at a hydroelectric plant. But three days into the job, the workers went on strike and Guy found himself unemployed.

That’s when he decided to start chasing his true calling again.

Guy formed La Fēte Foraine with a couple of business partners and enjoyed some moderate success.

But his vision really catapulted into the stratosphere thanks to a $1.5 million government grant. One of his partners walked 56 miles on stilts to get the grant.

And with that money, Cirque du Solei was born.

The first show proved to be a modest success. And further performances at the Los Angeles Arts Festival brought even more contracts.

That led to a residency in Las Vegas and an explosion in popularity.

Today, Cirque du Solei is worth $2.6 billion. And Guy still owns 80% of the company.

Not bad for a broke street performer who could only hold down a “real” job for three days.

Guy shows us that following your passion can lead to enormous success.

So why are you still stuck in that job you hate so much?

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