​Why Amazon Wants You To Be Rich

By Brendan Elias

​If you want to start your own business from home then the best way might be starting it on Amazon.

Over 2 million ordinary people across the globe are selling products on the platform. And this includes over 10,000 right here in Australia.
And they’re creating a great income too.

Already over 140,000 people are earning $100,000 or more. And dozens more are joining the ‘6 figure club’ every day.

Why are they enjoying such a success?
It’s simple.

Amazon WANT you to succeed. And they’re bending over backwards to make it easy for you.  

Amazon have made it as simple as possible to make money

​They’re out there looking for more 6 figure earners, and they want to turn them into 7 figure earners too.

Here’s why.

Amazon didn’t want to go down the traditional route other retailers go down.

Sure, they could have been like a ‘big retailer’ like Harvey Norman or Kmart and only sold their own items.

Instead they did something much smarter.

They threw the doors open to anyone who wanted to run their own business on the site. And suddenly they became the site where you could get just about anything.

It’s worked. Their growth has been astronomical … and it’s only just getting started.

People like you and me can start our own businesses running on Amazon’s amazing platform.

The upshot of this is you can send your goods to Amazon and they will …

  • Store them for you in their warehouse
  • ​Let you list it on their website – amazon.com
  • ​Find traffic for you
  • check
    Process the payments when someone orders from your store
  • check
    And send the goods from their warehouse direct to your customer

​Neat, right?

Imagine this.

Instead of having to store your goods in your home … then processing every payment … boxing up the purchases … addressing them … and taking them to your local Post Office …

​… Amazon do it all for you.

All you do is keep an eye on your listings, order more stock when you need to and sit back and watch the money roll in every 2 weeks. Or spend your time adding more items for sale.

Better still you can even order your goods direct from a supplier in China and send them straight to the Amazon warehouse.

It literally couldn’t be simpler.

All the jobs which used to take your time and limit your growth are now handled by Amazon. And you can sell 100 products almost as effortlessly as you can sell 1.

And there’s no factory, office or shop.

No staff either - just you for an hour each evening. 

Are you ready to become the next 6-figure Amazon business owner?

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Brendan Elias

Brendan has been importing products from China since 2001. He built a 7-figure a year business by selling the imported products on eBay and Amazon working as little as 10 hours per week. For the last 10 years, he has been teaching people to run their own business from home by importing goods from China and selling them locally. In that time some students have replaced their incomes, brought new money into their households and some have even become millionaires.