August 2021 Webinar Replay


  1. Is there anyway to get all my sample in one parcel and pay small amount of money for the shipping? 
  2. How many products should I start with?
  3. Is it important to put your own logo at the beginning?
  4. If I bring some of products myself and sell them by hand, will it cost a lot?
  5. Do you have a list of 3rd Party Logistic service providers in the US & Europe?
  6. How do we protect custom designed product from being copied?
  7. Does branding the product prevent others from copying the design and selling it on Amazon?
  8. What is the best way to package the jewelry?
  9. Is there any other way to label the product aside from the bar code?
  10. If you stick a sticker or label on the product box, does Amazon accept that as your brand?
  11. Can you explain the process of branding again please?
  12. How does the Freight forwarding in China works?
  13. Is the currency always in US dollars?
  14. What is FBA?
  15. How much is the minimum amount I can invest?
  16. When you find a product to be your first and you will make some small changes to it, how do you check if it's been patented?
  17. Does the manufacturer of your product provide the ITIN & Bar Code for us?