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  • Simple rules to follow to build your own Amazon business from scratch

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In the “A To Z Formula” you’ll find out about:

  • Real stories of ordinary people who replaced their incomes with their own Amazon business
  • My 8 simple rules for creating a brand new income on Amazon
  • What turned small Amazon stores into monster businesses – and they’re all run by everyday people, just like you, from home

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  • The secret to choosing which products will make you the most money – it’s fast, and it slashes your start-up costs to the bone. Find out on page 11
  • A simple way to boost your profits by 50% and more.  It costs almost nothing and can transform a hobby business in to a serious, cash-producing machine. It’s on page 14.
  • How a mother of 3 raises her children and cares for her injured husband. Discover the ingenious strategy which has seen her store grow to 170 products. Page 16 shows how she did it.
  • My winning formula for finding an endless supply of hot items to sell: Low _____ + strong _______ = a winning product. Fill in the blanks on page 21.
  • What price should you sell your products for? There’s a sweet-spot which generates the most sales. It’s revealed on page 23
  • DANGER: Most people spend too much time and money choosing products. This personal trainer has an ingenious way to select winning products. Follow it and find the perfect product on page 24
  • What products you should never sell on Amazon. Avoid this expensive mistake I tell you about on page 25
  • How a frustrated pregnant woman turned her frustration into an Amazon business which now generates $4,000,000 a year. You can do the same – find out how on page 26
  • Divorced and single. How Angie started life again with a small Amazon store which now generates half a million dollars a month! Read Angie’s story on page 28
  • Who says running a business can’t be fun? Discover how David harnesses his passion for sailing and built a business on Amazon he loves which doubles in size every 22 months. His story is on page 30
  • Richard Branson’s #1 success rule. I swear by it and so will you. It’s on page 40
  • Proof you can achieve anything you desire. Discover the secret which took this famous multi-millionaire from rock bottom to the top of the world. Get inspired on page 43

You’ll also discover weird and wonderful products people are selling on Amazon.

It’s absolute proof you can make a mountain of money selling almost anything … without going up against big brands or competing in flooded markets.

I recommend you read chapter six at least 3 times because it will flood your head with unique and fantastic ideas for products you can sell.

This chapter is worth 10 times the price of the book alone.

You’ll also discover …

  • How a passion for healthy kids lunches launched a $1,000,000+ a year Amazon business. Discover this mother’s special trick which launched her business through the stratosphere on page 50.
  • Need your business to succeed? A multi-millionaire insists you this on page 52
  • Beyond Amazon. Here’s how a multi-millionaire takes her business beyond Amazon and pulls in even more money. Find out what she does on page 55
  • The product on page 64 sells on Amazon for a whopping 1,700% mark-up. Could this be your first product?
  • The product on page 66 sells for a mind-boggling 4,000% mark-up. Check it out because you could create your very own block-buster version of it.
  • And 11 magical words which get you extra sales from off Amazon. The exact sentence to use is on page 66

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