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What People Have Been Saying From Our Last Seminar

What People Have Been Saying From Our Last Seminar

  • 1
    ​There are over 244 million active users on Amazon – which means an absolutely colossal number of people you can sell to
  • 2
    ​In 2016 buyers spend an eye-popping $180 BILLION on Amazon. That’s a mind-boggling $493 million a day– and you can make a small fortune by getting even a teeny-weeny slice of this pie
  • 3
    Amazon don’t just connect buyers with sellers like eBay. You can send your products straight to Amazon and they’ll store them and ship them directly to your customer on your behalf. All you have to do is find what to sell and list it. It’s almost embarrassingly simple
  • 4
    There are a whopping 75 fulfilment centres in the USA with a similar number in Asia, Europe and South America. Their biggest warehouse is in Florida and it’s 102,000 square metres – almost 6 times the size of the MCG. And Amazon are growing all the time – stay tuned for some super-exciting news on this in a second
  • 5
    On average Amazon ships 608,000,000 packages a year which works out to 1.6 million packages a day – and people still can’t get enough of whipping their credit cards out and buying more and more things
  • 6
    Amazon use 45,000 robots in their fulfilment centres to get products quickly and safely to buyers, and get most on the road within 24 – 36 hours
  • 7
    Amazon are starting up a drone delivery service to slash distribution costs and times dramatically – See? These guys are dominating online retail and they’re getting ready to crush their competition with new technology.

$1 in every $2 spent online in the USA is spent with Amazon.

dollar coin

Which means … Amazon is the perfect place to start your own home-business

Mario Scavuzzo sold $24,995 worth of goods in 20 minutes

Mario loves Amazon because he’s growing his own online empire while he gets ready to quit his day job at the end of the year.

In his first year on Amazon Mario turned over $50,000.

In his second he doubled it to $100,000.

And in his third he doubled it again to $200,000.

Last Christmas Mario saw how popular the new Pie Face game was. So he rushed out and bought up as many as he could. He ended up with 500, sent them to Amazon and listed them for $49.99 each.

As supplies ran out in the shops the price on Amazon crept up and up. One day Mario was at work and his phone started going berserk.

The second he left the meeting he checked his new emails and discovered he made $24,995 in just 20 minutes.

And Mario didn’t even do it the easy way and buy his products online and ship them direct to Amazon.

“But … How Can I Find Goods To Sell?”

Here’s where it gets even more exciting.

You don’t need to run your own manufacturing business to sell goods on Amazon.

It’s really simple to find out what’s popular, then find someone you can import them from and hey presto … you can send them direct from the manufacturer to Amazon. And you don’t even need to handle them.

Take Lauren Pykett for example.

Lauren is a softly spoken stay-at-home mum from Queensland, and frankly she might be the last person you’d expect to be running a lucrative business across 4 continents.

Yet that’s exactly what she’s doing.

After welcoming her second child Lauren realised it was important to be around for them and went searching for a business she could run from home.

Her search led her to Amazon, and 2 years later Lauren has built a thriving business selling car accessories through Amazon in America, the UK and Europe.
The best part is she has a system for choosing which products will make the most profit.

She sits at her kitchen table in Queensland, orders goods from China and …

… has them shipped direct to the Amazon warehouses.

There’s no limit on how many items she can sell. She isn’t restricted by the hassle of packaging goods and sending them out. It’s straight from the supplier to Amazon.

Every two months Lauren adds another product and watches her business grow.

​“I just love that this is an incredibly scalable business model. The future’s looking bright, as now that the systems and foundations are laid, I can just keep adding more products, more marketplaces and websites, and in more countries. All of which comes to more money in the bank, a sellable business asset and all executed at a pace that I control, whilst I enjoy still being a work at home Mum alongside my beautiful kids.”

Lauren Pykett – Queensland

Want To Run A Business From Home, But Don’t Want To Handle Goods?

Up until now the only way you could sell goods online was to store them in your home. Or hire a warehouse or pay a third party logistics company to store them and ship them for you … and that gets expensive.  The problem was, the bigger you got the harder it was. Solving the problem meant making less money.


If you want to run your own business, but you don’t want to cram
boxes into your garage or pay for a warehouse then here’s the best news you’ll ever hear.

Amazon does it all for you.

You send your goods to them and they’ll label them and put them into their warehouse.

Then when someone makes a purchase Amazon’s robot army locate your goods and send it straight to the buyer.

You can sell one item a day or 100. And you won’t lift a finger.

Couldn’t be easier, right?

Imagine that … making 100 sales a day while you’re sipping coffee with your friends or at the gym.

And the first you’ll know is when you check your email and you receive email after email with confirmed orders.

They process the money.
They take care of the shipping
The handle any returns
And they do all the customer service

Nice work – thanks Amazon.
No Warehouse, No eBay, No Website, No Staff.
It’s The Perfect Business

All Amazon charge is a small monthly fee of $39.99USD and a 15% commission on the goods you sell. And since you don’t need to pay for a website, a warehouse or any staff it’s an absolute bargain!

And when you can run a business as big or as small as you like …

… without a warehouse
… without staff, and
… without the hassles of handling physical goods
… and only pay 15% it’s the deal of a lifetime. There’s no way you could run your own warehouse for that.

Instead of doing all these tedious, time consuming things your only job will be sitting at home finding goods to sell, sending them to Amazon (you can send them direct from your supplier BTW) and listing them for sale.

In other words, the bits which actually make the money.

It’s a mind-numbingly good deal.

Of course if you like doing things the HARD way then you COULD …

Throw $100,000+ into a lawn mowing franchise where you’re
told where you can and can’t work, then slave away every daylight hour to earn a measly $60k a year
Create artwork and sell them for change at the local market
Spend your days on the phone trying to chase down old superannuation accounts for ungrateful strangers

But if the idea of making things simple appeals to you then

Amazon whips the pants off every otherbusiness out there

No wonder I’m predicting Amazon to make the eBay boom look tiny.

You’ll be up and running straight away and growing your goods immediately.

And it’s all done for you by Amazon.

Now, Can I Tell You Something Exciting?

Amazon is here in Australia! And their warehouses here are even bigger than the monster warehouse in Texas.

Which means you can copy the massive success of sellers in the USA here. It’s a proven model, and you can be among the first to cash in on this ground-breaking development.

Or better still, start today with Amazon in the US so you fine tune the process and then copy it here.

Would You Like To Know How?

Well guess what. I am running a small series of seminars around Australia to show people like you how to start your own Amazon businesses from home.

If you’re decisive and you want to create your own business at home then you’re invited to join me as I show you how …

… To Lead The Amazon Lifestyle

You can take a seat at this unique 3 hour educational event and discover exactly how you can create your own business from home using Amazon.

And let me be very, very clear.

This is cutting edge stuff.

Many of the secrets you’ll discover have never been revealed before.

You won’t have seen them previously in any other seminar or read about them in any book.

Because here’s the critical thing.

Most of the sellers on Amazon are amateurs.

They’re impatient.

They’re lazy and just want to do as little as possible and expect money to just pour in

They’re cheap – they won’t even invest a few bucks on getting photos done right.

They’re emotional and just sell what they love not what’s going to make them money

Once I’ve shown you how though you’ll know how to turn Amazon into a properly run business, the goal of which is to make you money.

Right now there are people making a fortune on Amazon. And they haven’t even got a clue what they’re doing.

Well their days are numbered because once people who have been to this event start pouring in their days are numbered.

It’ll be like scooping up money and putting it into your pocket.

… Can You Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Were Earning A Residual Income Every Month On Amazon?mazon Lifestyle

What would your day be like if you were earning this kind of money from home?

What if you were working from the beach like this?
Or from your favourite coffee shop while you wait for your friends to turn up?

Wouldn’t that beat working a JOB and facing the long haul into work every day?

“I’m Going To Show You How 

I am running a series of seminars across Australia and you’re invited to come along.

And not only am I going to show you how to create your own
profitable Amazon business … you’re also going to discover how to stock your Amazon store FULL of high quality items which
you purchase for a fraction of their sale price and ship direct to Amazon from the manufacturer.

Everything from A to Z, right?

However you have to be quick, and you have to be decisive.
Seats at all my events are snapped up extremely quickly because nobody in Australia is teaching this stuff like me.

I’ve cracked the code for running a business on Amazon.
And the reason I’m prepared to reveal it is because if you use it properly it won’t affect my income one cent.

With my system, ANYONE can create an income on
Amazon and earn as much as they want … with surprisingly little work …

And with over 1 million items sold every single day on
Amazon it’s going to be pretty easing to make money… especially when I show you how.
Now, accepting of course that your success is 100% totally your own responsibility what if you
were to use the same methods Mario, Lauren and I use … and were able to do what we do?
Wouldn’t it be nice to throw in the day job?

What this all means for you:

In this exclusive one day seminar I’m going to share these incredible secrets with you:

  • How to begin your first Amazon business and make sales within 14 days
  • The amazing secret of cross-promotions – you’ll haul in thousands of extra dollars of free profit which everyone else is leaving on the table. You won’t believe how much more money you can get your hands on doing this
  • The law of compounding returns – this simple law guarantees your business will always be getting bigger and bigger
  • A secret trick to getting more people to devour your listings and ignore your competition’s. The more readers you get the more sales you make. Makes sense, right?
  • How to get buyers to buy immediately. Remember this, people visit Amazon with their credit card in their hand – all you have to do is give them a reason for buying straight away and they’ll quickly hand over the money
  • Little known secrets to writing listings which could literally make you a fortune on Amazon – 95% of sellers on Amazon haven’t got a clue how to write a product listing properly. Just knowing these tips could catapult you to the top of any category you play in and make you unbeatable.
  • My jealously guarded secrets to getting rave reviews on your products – HINT: People take the rating stars on Amazon very seriously. So a near perfect record and rave reviews instantly makes you the favourite choice. I’ll show you how to solicit positive reviews almost every time
  • Why you should always target buyers with money – and why it’s often easier to sell a high priced item than a cheap one ... not to mention all the extra profit you’ll get your hands on

You’re also going to get the ‘nuts and bolts’ of exactly how Amazon works.

You’ll know how to send your goods there, how to create a listing, how Amazon decides which warehouse your goods should go in, how often you get your money, how returns are handled, what you can sell straight away and what you need approval for.

I’ve talked to thousands of people about selling on Amazon and I know just about every question people have and I’m answering them all.

I’m also going to show you how to buy high quality products at an incredibly low price so you can sell them for top dollar. I will even walk you through a case study where I paid $12 for a product I later sold for $199. And I’ll show you where to find thousands of deals like these.

And I’m going to show you how to negotiate with the world’s toughest, most ruthless suppliers and turn them into giant teddy bears ready to do anything you want.

Plus why you shouldn’t be fooled by “big numbers”. I’ve shown time and time again that HUGE markets are not a good thing. You’ll discover why small markets are a smarter way to create fast profits

You’re also going to discover:

  • ​The 4 crucial elements found in every great listing. Use all 4 and your products literally sell themselves
  • ​The first thing you must do before choosing what goods to sell. Almost all Amazon sellers get this wrong and it’s the reason they’ll never make a full time income. You’ll be the exception once you know this, and once you know it, it makes perfect sense.
  • ​How to get suppliers to send you sample goods for free so you get to check them out before spending a single cent
  • Why you want competition against your product. They do the hard work, then with my guerrilla tactics let you’ll quickly assume the top spot. And it’s not illegal or unethical in any way.
  • How to get instant credibility and boost your sales
  • A perfect listing example – maybe the most perfect template ever for creating listings which create an avalanche of sales – even if your price is way higher than identical products for sale
  • A virtually unknown way to increase your odds of making an avalanche of sales ... all by checking out one part of your competition’s listings. This is really sneaky but once you do this, your listing almost writes itself
  • How to bump you product up so it’s right in front of eager buyers – you won’t be lost in the crowd doing this one simple thing
  • A failsafe method which makes sure your products are high quality, safe and perfectly compliant. You won’t believe it’s this easy
  • The “back end” market (which nearly all importers ignore) which can increase your profit from each buyer by 1,000% or more
  • How to boost your profits by creating your own brand. It costs you almost nothing yet it can add 50% or more to your profits. These are the kinds of secrets which turn a bumbling hobby business into a serious venture
  • An ingenious technique which uncovers scorching hot markets who will buy just about everything they can get their hands on
  • Simple ways to create a flood of buyers for your products. It’s so easy that your biggest problem will be sourcing enough goods, not struggling to sell what you bring in
  • The A-B-C formula for having the most attractive listing in your category. This makes a gigantic difference to your sales – and it takes surprisingly little effort to crush any competitor

And that’s not all you’ll discover ...

  • ​How to cultivate your “inventory sourcing” mindset so you’ll never run out of products ever again
  • ​Why it’s often easier to make a high dollar sale than a low dollar sale. It goes against all logic ... however it’s absolutely true!
  • ​What I did right and what I did wrong! (Knowing what NOT to do is at least ... if not more important than knowing what to do when it comes to making money)
  • ​The reason you don’t The reason you don’t want to pioneer a brand new product ... if you want to make money quickly without a ton of headaches and hassles
  • ​What an FAQ list is, how write one and why every one of your listings must have one
  • ​Why you never want to hold anything back when you’re writing your listings. Don’t hold back because you’ll make a lot more money
  • ​Why you must always test your prices. If you think you know which price will be most profitable then you’re a genius. If you’re like me however then you’ll test. It’s not uncommon for the price you least expect to work to make the most money.
  • ​A dirt cheap way to test new products so you can quickly find new winners fast
  • ​A clever way to reverse-engineer your competition’s listings and copy what’s working
  • ​A secret way to use your competition’s product to sell yours (without them even know you’re doing it)
  • ​The single most simple way for any Amazon seller to double or even triple their profits in under 4 months – an obvious strategy which surprisingly eludes 9 out of 10 sellers
  • ​How to avoid the really dumb mistakes most sellers make with their listings. This can turn even average products into blockbuster winners
  • ​A quick and easy way to test two version of your listings and know which one is selling more. Imagine if one listing outpolls the other one by just 20% - that’s real money going into your pocket
  • ​How to use Google to find smoking-hot markets you can sell products to
  • ​Stop making one-off sales and turn each buyer into a customer who buys again and again
  • ​A simple method to ‘spy’ on your competition and figure out how much money they’re making and how easily you can knock them off their perch. This is so much fun I love sitting down with a beer at night and turning it into a game.
  • ​Why offering to pay a little more for your goods can pay off with massive new profits. Yes it sounds wrong however spending a little more on your goods can pay off handsomely in a crowded marketplace
  • ​The one website you should always have open when you’re looking for new products to sell.  This lets you instantly work out how much more profit you can make on each item.  Your greedy little heart is going to love this one!

Imagine this …

You could be relaxing on the white sandy beaches of Fiji … discovering
little restaurants in the side streets of Paris … or having the time of your life driving Route 66 in the US –
And your Amazon business would still be ticking over.

Couldn’t this be the handy little nest egg or ‘rainy day’ funds you always thought you’d have?

Wouldn’t this be a great way to replace … or at least supplement your income?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some “play money” rolling in while you relax …
catch up with friends … go to the gym … holiday … play with the kids … or just catch up with the gardening?

This can all happen. However you need to be doing something different to what you’re doing now.
You need to do something new.

It’s virtually impossible to match the earning power of Amazon.

$493 million is being spent on Amazon every day.
How much of it would you like?

If you said “ALL of it” then good for you! But seriously, they say there’s money
all over the world for you to tap into and Amazon is the one place you can go into and scoop it up.

All you need to know is HOW.

And since I’m showing you for free you’d be crazy not to come along. You can’t lose, right?

Best of all…

You’ll finally say goodbye to all the things you hate.

Farewell to the sinking feeling you get every time a bill arrives.

Farewell to checking the price of everything you look at before you look at the item.

Farewell even to the stress of a regular 9-5 job and a regular life.

Seats are limited though so don’t miss your chance.
An Amazon opportunity only comes along once in a lifetime so don’t miss it.
There’s another reason I’m revealing my system to you.
Quite frankly I’m sick to death of small time pretenders claiming to know how to run a business on Amazon.
Most of them have no track record, they don’t know how to find goods to sell and haven’t got a clue on how to market them.

I should know because I follow them and check out their stuff. Heck, I even trained half of them.

And I can guarantee they’ll be sitting in the audience alongside you so they can steal my system and claim it as their own.

Thank you,Now, accepting of course that your success is 100% totally your own responsibility what if you
were to use the same methods Mario, Lauren and I use … and were able to do what we do?
Wouldn’t it be nice to throw in the day job?

Thank you,

Brendan Elias

P.S. Where will you be 30 days from now if you choose not to attend?

Probably working in a job you’d rather not be doing. Looking after every dollar so you can keep your head above water.
Perhaps wondering if that dream holiday will ever happen.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

​Grab your free seat at the Amazon Lifestyle
and join the revolution!

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