Oracle Founder Larry Ellison’s Rags to Riches Story

What inspires you?

For me, the answer is the stories of people who started with nothing and ended up becoming extremely successful.

Their stories show us that you can do anything as long as you have the knowledge and the right help.

After all, it’s not where you start that matters.

It’s where you end up.

There are few people who embody this idea better than Larry Ellison.

It’s fair to say that the founder of Oracle didn’t have the best start in life. As a baby, he contracted pneumonia. His mom, unable to cope with an ill baby on her own, shipped him off to Chicago to live with his aunt and uncle.

Did I mention that Ellison’s dad wasn’t in the picture?

In fact, Ellison grew up never even knowing who his father was. He didn’t even know that he was living with his aunt and uncle until he’d grown older.

He just saw them as mom and dad.

Ellison’s family didn’t have a lot of money and they struggled to make ends meet.

But Ellison did show a talent with computers. And eventually, he turned those talents towards his own business – Software Development Laboratories.

That name didn’t stick for long. Four years later, in 1982, Ellison changed the name to Oracle.

A lightbulb may have just lit up in your head. Even if you don’t know who Ellison is, it’s likely that you’ve come across Oracle.

Today, Oracle generates about $38 billion in revenue every year.

As for Ellison, he stepped down as CEO of the company in 2014. He ended up with a $46.2 billion fortune.

Not bad for an adopted kid from a poor family in Chicago.

Ellison’s hard work paid off as he became one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Now, I want to help you create your own rags to riches story.

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