Me-Too Products: Why You Need to Avoid Them When Selling on Amazon

What’s a “me-too” product?

Say a well-known brand releases a cool new innovation. Then a competitor follows suit with something very similar.

Customers are torn between the two options.

That’s what “me-too” means… and you MUST avoid that when selling on Amazon.

So, what’s the best place to start selling on Amazon (and avoid selling “me-too” products?)

Start by looking at your potential competitors.

As soon as you enter the keyword, you can tell if the market is over saturated.

What are the top selling products? How well are they selling?

If the most popular product has a glaringly low price tag, you should look for a different niche. This is a good sign that the competition is too tough. In these cases, lowering the price is the only way for sellers to stand out.

Some sellers find a way to get on top by adding some clever twist to the product. For example, you could add accessories and personalized packaging.

But this doesn’t always work out.

It can be safer to avoid me-too products altogether.

So, what’s the easiest way to find an untapped niche?

It helps to go for something that you have a passion for. You’d be surprised how easy it is to leverage your hobbies and make a steady profit.

You also need to do some market research and identify the most popular markets at the moment.

If you’re new to the Amazon marketplace, this might seem like a massive obstacle. But with a little guidance, you can build a strategy that stays away from me-too products.

We can help you figure out the best products to invest in. We can help you find the best way to stay unique.

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Brendan Elias

Brendan has been importing products from China since 2001. He built a 7-figure a year business by selling the imported products on eBay and Amazon working as little as 10 hours per week. For the last 10 years, he has been teaching people to run their own business from home by importing goods from China and selling them locally. In that time some students have replaced their incomes, brought new money into their households and some have even become millionaires.