Find the Right Manufacturer: The Secret to Success on Amazon

The big day finally arrives.

You’ve spent months setting up your Amazon business. You have your product and you’re ready to go.

You officially launch and you start selling.

Then, something terrible happens.

The returns just start rolling in.

Your customers aren’t happy. Most of them have received broken products that don’t work as advertised.

All of that profit disappears. You may even start losing money if the problem becomes really severe.

You’ve picked the wrong manufacturer.

It’s a common problem for a lot of new Amazon sellers. Instead of looking for the best manufacturer they can find, they go for the cheapest option.

That’s a mistake. If you’re only looking at the cost, you’re not paying attention to the quality.

There’s a good reason why your manufacturer charges so much less than its competitors. And the proof lies in all of the products that your buyers return to you.

Your reputation lies in tatters before you’ve even gotten started.

But you can avoid this situation. All you need to do is find the right manufacturer.

I have a few tips that can help you:

  • Always, always, always, request samples before signing a contract. You want to get a first-hand feel for the amount of work that your manufacturer puts into your products. If you wouldn’t buy it yourself, it’s not worth putting on Amazon.

  • Don’t just go for the cheapest option. There are hundreds of manufacturers that may be able to help you. Figure out your budget and strike a balance between cost and quality. If you go for the cheapest manufacturer, you’re going to get a cheap product to show for it.

  • Look for a partner, rather than a manufacturer. You’re going to work with this manufacturer for a long time, so you want to have a good relationship with them. The stronger that relationship, the better the service you receive.

That’s just the start.

I have so much more to show you about how to find great manufacturers for your products.

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Brendan Elias

Brendan has been importing products from China since 2001. He built a 7-figure a year business by selling the imported products on eBay and Amazon working as little as 10 hours per week. For the last 10 years, he has been teaching people to run their own business from home by importing goods from China and selling them locally. In that time some students have replaced their incomes, brought new money into their households and some have even become millionaires.