What Happens When Top Amazon Sellers Meet And Ask Each Other This Question …

“How Can I Help You?”

Hi fellow student,
It’s Brendan here and as you know I’m a successful Amazon seller and a passionate student.
And even though you’re learning from me and my amazing mentors and the people in my network, and even though I consistently sell goods on Amazon each month I am still learning from my own mentors, teachers and even my students.
For the last 15 years I have worked with and learned from some of the sharpest and most generous people in the world. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their generous support.
I pass on my knowledge any chance I get, and this is why I created The Dragon Club.

What Is The Dragon Club?

​It’s a club for anyone who wants to get to their first $100,000 year sooner.
We are sharing new training materials and strategies.
We are running regular online training sessions.
Plus we are meeting up in person in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth to share ideas on a regular basis.

Imagine having advanced knowledge of new products and markets
which our members and trainers are aware of
and sharing freely with other club members.

​In fact, just one idea or answer might spark an idea which is worth $50,000 or more to you.
Best of all, it’s for anyone, not just experienced sellers.
It’s ideal for anyone even if you’re a beginner just starting out, or an experienced Amazon seller looking for an edge.
We know you can feel isolated working on your business from home. We’ve been there and lived through it too.
Even if you’re working with your spouse or you’ve connected with some people in our Facebook group there’s still nothing like face to face contact with REAL people.
And almost every person running their own business tells me how badly they crave personal interaction with like-minded people.
In other words, running an Amazon business is great, but it sure gets lonely. And this is one reason we set the Dragon Club up.

What Do You Get?

Dragon Club Meetups

Every two months we get together in person. Running an online business is lonely and this lets you connect with like-minded people … and keep sane!
You’ll hear from our experts, work on new solutions, share your experiences  and brainstorm ideas.
You’ll walk away from each meetup inspired and full of new ways to grow your business.
Plus you can make new friends and even start new joint ventures with your fellow Dragons..

How-To Webinars

You’ll join a monthly webinar on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of running your business. We’ll show you how to list products, research new markets and optimise your listing, plus many more practical, hands-on topics.

Monthly competition
– sourcing package worth $500

Every month we give away a product sourcing package where you will work with our legendary Fast Track Coordinator. You with our Fast Track team will work with our sourcing team in China to source one product and we will cover all the agent fees and commissions for you as well.

If you’re looking for your next hot product and you want the best possible product at the best possible price and get it as quickly as possible then you’ll want to be in this competition.

Christmas Drinks Tour  

​​What better time of year to let down your hair and celebrate your wins than Christmas? Every December you’re invited to drinks on us for some fun and relaxation.


​​The Dragon Club is like a second family. We check our egos at the door and any time you need help, put your question into our closed Facebook group and everyone will jump in to help you solve it.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Join The Dragon Club Today For A Free, No Obligation 88 Day Test Drive 

We’re investing a huge of time, effort and money into creating this amazing environment for you.
So while there is a membership fee, it’s exceptional value for what you get.
Especially when you consider how valuable even one conversation with the right person can be.
I am so confident in the Dragon Club that I want to give you full unlimited access … including 6 in-person meets ups a year … practical live monthly webinar training … the monthly competition and exclusive access to the Dragon Club Community …
… free for 88 days so you can try it out for yourself.
And this is FULL ACCESS. There’s no hidden areas, no private groups you can’t see, no secret conversations.

And after 88 days you will automatically be enrolled as a full paying member for only $47 a month, billed to your credit card.
And in the unlikely event you don’t see the value in sticking around then you can cancel your membership any time and you won’t be charged one more cent.
However I don’t think you will because there are big things coming in the pipeline which I’m about to share with you.
Just one answer from another member might spark an idea worth $50,000 or more.
And you’ll soak up advanced knowledge of new products and markets which our members and trainers are aware of and sharing freely with other Dragon Club members.

Lock In Your Price Discount Now Or Miss Out 

​The most exciting part of the Dragon Club is our future growth plan.
We have heaps of exciting new offerings coming soon. And they’re going to accelerate your path to $100,000 even faster.
Here are some of the additions you can look forward to in the coming months:

No-BS Sales and Marketing Training 

Our sales and marketing guru, Casey will soon be running a monthly webinar to drill you on how to send your sales figures through the roof. In one hour a month you will know more than 95% of Amazon sellers and get your products more views and more sales. All with the tactics he will share exclusively with you.

Competitions For One on One Time With Our Experts 

Every month we will draw out the name of a lucky Dragon Club Member to have a one on one call with Casey, Mario (one of our top-gun sellers and coaches) or me.

Competitions For Professional Services Packages 

Every month you could win a professional services package where our team of experts will create a ‘kick-butt’ listing which is guaranteed to get you more sales.
Our professional copywriter and photographers will get your listing, work their magic and you’ll be blown away at what they do with it.
Especially when you see the new sales figures.

Massive discounts 

​As a member you’ll get massive discounts on the experts we use for our listings including our photographer and listing copywriters.
After a few product listings you’ll pay for your Dragon Club membership with the savings. And your sales figures will go through the roof. Do this and nothing else and your membership is paid for many times over.

And this is why you need to join today. 

As you know when your 88 day test drive finishes you will be enrolled as a full paying member for just $47 a month.
And you need to be in at this price because it won’t last forever.
As we add these new offerings the price is going to go up.
By this time next year a monthly membership will cost $97. And even though it will still be incredible value, I’m sure you’d rather be locked in for only $47 month – a little under $1.50 a day.
Get in today and you will only ever pay $47 a month, no matter what other members are paying as a reward for taking action early.
By the way this time next year the price will be $97 a month – double what you’ll be paying if you’re quick. And prices will rise every 3 months between then and now.
For this reason you need to sign up today before our next price comes into effect.

Right now the ball is in your court 

I’ve done everything I can to convince you that the Dragon Club is a smart investment if you want to create a side income of $100,000 or more.
I’ve shown you all the meetups you’ll be invited to.
Plus the monthly hands-on and marketing webinars.
And the competitions, discounts and our online community.
The value on this could easily be $500 a month or more. And if it gives you a $20,000 or $50,000 idea your membership will pay itself off many times over.
Plus you can test drive it for the first 88 days for free.
The renowned success teacher Napoleon Hill once said…

‘No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.” 

Running an online business is a smart move. And when like-minded people come together the results can be amazing.
And this is why $47 a month is a tiny amount. At under $1.50 a day it’s nothing compared to the mountain of extra money it could make you.
Especially when I’m going to prove it to you first by letting you test drive it for 88 days for free.

Running an online business is a smart move. And when like-minded people come together the results can be amazing.
And this is why $47 a month is a tiny amount. At under $1.50 a day it’s nothing compared to the mountain of extra money it could make you.
Especially when I’m going to prove it to you first by letting you test drive it for 88 days for free.

​Your community is waiting for you.
Sign up today and lock in your $47 monthly commitment before the price rises soon.
Thank you,
Founder of the A to Z Formula and happy Amazon business owner
​P.S.     Remember, you will not be charged anything today.
Your free test drive will last for the next 88 days.
You will enjoy all the benefits of being a Dragon Club member.
And in 88 days time you will be billed just $47 a month, locked in for life. And if you choose not to continue as a full member you can let us know before your 88 day test drive is up and you will not be charged any membership fees.

P.P.S.    Also, remember as we introduce more great benefits the price for new members will rise. However your price will be locked in at $47 a month forever. You’ve got nothing to lose by joining for a free test drive. In fact you’ll get to test it for free and enjoy all the benefits, plus lock in the best price we will ever offer.

P.P.S.     Incidentally, in case you’re wondering why it’s an 88 day test drive it’s because the number 8 is a lucky number for the Chinese, and the Amazon Lifestyle started out as an importing business from China.
So to pay homage to our humble beginnings, just like the name ‘Dragon Club’ we wanted to give you 88 days to test it out.

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