Do Won Chang: The Forever 21 Founder Who Worked 3 Jobs to Get His Business Off the Ground

At some point in life, we all come to our turning points.

These are the moments when we make the key decisions.

Do you keep scraping along while getting the bare minimum out of life?

Or do you make the change that’s going to allow you to pursue your passion and enjoy success?

Forever 21 founder Do Won Chang found himself at a turning point after he’d gotten married.

He had a new bride to take care of, as well as his parents.

He could keep scraping a living delivering coffee to the nearby villages. Or he could hop on a plane and head to the United States to do something amazing with his life.

Chang made the choice.

6,000 miles later, he touched down in America.

And he landed into a $3 per hour job that earned him barely enough to afford a tiny apartment.

That just wasn’t enough. He took another job as a gas station attendant.

And another as an office cleaner.

Chang worked 19 hours a day to afford a paltry lifestyle.

That’s when he hit another turning point.

Should he carry on killing himself just to pay the rent?

Or should he do what the people who hired him did – start his own business?

He noticed that the people who drove the cars he wanted and had the life he coveted didn’t work in the jobs he did.

They worked in clothes.

So Chang took a job at a clothing retailer and started learning the ropes. Before long, he knew everything there was to know about running a clothing store.

He and his wife scrimped and saved until they had $11,000. Together, they opened a store of their own and called it Forever 21.

Today, he has 400 stores in over 50 countries. Forever 21 is now worth $5 billion.

And it all came down to Chang’s choices.

Are you ready to make the choice that’s going to change your life for the better?

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