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Product Sourcing Made Easy

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As you know, sourcing products is absolutely critical to your success on eCommerce in general.

  • If you know how to source products the RIGHT way, it can give you a huge competitive advantage while also making your life a lot easier. You can get better deals, VIP treatment and even product exclusives from manufacturers.
  • But if you don’t know how to source products, it can cost you money, waste your time, lead to a lot of frustration or hair pulling, and potentially even damage your reputation with customers.

I want to make sure that you have access to the most up-to-date and cutting edge sourcing strategies available in the world - based on what’s happening now.

That’s why we’ve negotiated with world-renowned Product Sourcing Expert Brendan Elias to secure a limited number of complimentary tickets to his upcoming ‘Product Sourcing Made Easy’ workshop.

The Product Sourcing Made Easy workshop is THE premium event in the world on this topic.

It’s the ONLY place that you'll discover the most effective strategies and latest ‘insider sourcing secrets’ that will help you to maximise your profits online, streamline your business, and protect yourself against the most common pitfalls and traps holding people back today.

In fact, this information is so valuable that you can normally only access it as a member of Brendan’s $5,000 flagship program.

But, you can attend FREE if you secure one of the complimentary tickets before they’re all snapped up.

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Hurry, Spots Are Limited, And Fill Up Fast...

About Your Host - Brendan Elias

Brendan Elias has been sourcing goods for more than 18 years. He has successfully imported hundreds of products and generated millions of dollars in sales since 2001.

In fact, he’s a second generation importer - his parents imported the video game Donkey Kong to Australia in the 80’s! He also has a background in International Trade Law at the University of Beijing and International Copyright law at Queen's University Canada.

Over the past 10 years, Brendan has been teaching people how to import goods and sell them.

His students have replaced their incomes, brought new money into their households, and I understand some have even become millionaires.

Hurry, Spots Are Limited, And Fill Up Fast...

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Brendan’s Proprietary ‘A-Z’ Formula For Sourcing And Negotiation

On the day, Brendan will share the proprietary systems, tools and templates that he’s used to generate millions of dollars in sales over the past two decades including:

  • The A to Z Factory Elimination Method(™) to pick the right factory virtually every time.
  • The A to Z Supply Integrity Split System(™) to ensure you NEVER run out of stock or have to deal with goods being delivered late.
  • The A to Z Piggybacking Method(™) to get factories to give you the prices they would give to WalMart at startup MOQs
  • The A to Z Trading Company Uncovering System(™) so you never have to get tricked into working with trading companies and can go direct to the factory
  • The A to Z Product Domination Template(™) that will get factories to drool over doing business with you.
  • The A to Z Purchase Order Agreement(™) with the 13 things that must go into your agreement so you can trade safely and confidently.
  • The A to Z Bundling Guide(™) to add value to your order and achieve higher product prices than your competitors

You’ll Also Discover Master Level Strategies,
Tips And Secrets You Can Rarely Find Anywhere Else

  • How to get FREE samples from almost any factory.

  • How to approach manufacturers from a position of power - even if you’ve never sourced a product before. Don’t be bullied or ignored - and get respect.

  • Discover a secret website where you can get great products at lower prices than AliBaba.

  • How to avoid paying ‘newbie’ tax. Foreign companies will often try to slog you with sneaky and unnecessary fees. Here’s how to pay the ‘real cost price’ and increase your margins.

  • The ‘50% For Free’ Formula. How Brendan regularly increases his profit margins up to 50% (or more) by choosing ‘this’ kind of manufacturer. Best part? It costs you nothing!

  • The 11 players in the A to Z sourcing game and how to give them what they want for maximum efficiency.

  • The safest way to buy goods from a supplier. Keep your money safe until you get the product.

  • How to legally save thousands on international bank transfer fees and charges. What shows to attend. What to look for in products. How to approach the manufacturer and secure the rights at the best price.

  • How to avoid custom’s red tape frustrations caused by local bureaucrats. Brendan’s background in International Trade Law means he has the knowledge to help you get your products from door to door country hassle-free.

Plus, there will be amazing ‘real time’ product case studies where Brendan will show you examples of products that are selling well right now.



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Hurry, Spots Are Limited, And Fill Up Fast...

And There's More!
Join the Experts for a Virtual 'Wine and Cheese' Product Sourcing Q and A

On the Saturday evening right after the ground-breaking sourcing content has been delivered you are cordially invited to grab a glass of wine and some cheese, a cup of tea (or whatever) floats your boat and attend a special exclusive private "Product Sourcing Q and A” event hosted by Brendan and his group of world-class coaches who are experts in sourcing, design and packaging, listing optimization for Shopify and Ecommerce businesses.

This is your chance to rub shoulders with the experts but also to kick back and get your most urgent and pressing questions answered by Brendan and his Coaches and get all the content you learned during the day applied directly 1 on 1 to your individual circumstances and unique situation. Feedback from attendees consistently says that this is worth coming for alone!

It's Like Masters In Product Sourcing In One Jam-Packed Weekend

But, please keep in mind, due to the generosity of the offer, we can’t guarantee a ticket for everyone – there are limited numbers available due to room capacity. So jump on this now.

It's First In, Best Dressed...

$2,995 Ticket Value - Yours for FREE



Date & Time:

Coming Soon

Hurry, Spots Are Limited, And Fill Up Fast...


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